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Karate Combat is the premiere karate organization in the world. It popularizes the culture of martial arts and unites a huge community of fighters and fans. Since the launch of the project, he has collected more than 160 million views on YouTube.
Karate fights take place on the set, and a realistic arena environment is created thanks to CG. We've created the concepts and implemented of all environments in 3rd of KARATECOMBAT.
Create 3 realistic environments in which the battles
of the 3rd season of the Karate.com project take place
  • 1
    Create a location concept in 3d Max and then transfer and implement a full-fledged scene in Unreal Engine.
  • 2
    Create a special software in Python that processes the tracking date from 7 cameras on the set and transmits it for subsequent rendering of sequences from the Unreal Engine for each of the 7 cameras.
  • 3
    Integrate the processed tracking date of the cameras into the finished Unreal Engine scene; check the synchronicity and validity of the tracking date of the cameras.
  • 4
    Render sequences (backgrounds) for each of the 7 cameras in Unreal Engine.
  • 5
    Composing the footage and sequences (background) created in the Unreal engine.
  • 6
    Post-processing and final processing of the compiled video materials, applying the necessary VFX effects and transferring the finished final product to the customer.
We have create concept art in full CG. Each concept was worked out as a 3d scene, the features of which can be evaluated from different camera angles. For each location, we worked on several concepts for further detailing.

The sample of final concept

For each location we had only 1.5 months to work out the art and create a sequence for 200 minutes of recording, which required non-standard solutions.
Unreal Engine 4 - collecting 3D assets in a full scene, rendering, compositing, postprocessing and VFX.

3D Max/ Maya/ Blender - modeling of assets, retopology, UV

Z Brush - model sculpting/detailing

Substance Designer - creation of procedural materials for texturing or use in UE.

Substance Painter - texturing of assets

Fusion / Nuke - tracking, compressing and postprocessing of video.

Primere pro - classic montage table of pipeline video production.

Python - creation of custom scripts to optimize the process.

Our team of VFX specialists and UE-artists did a lot of research to find a way to optimize the work in UE and Nuke to reduce the video processing time, which led to the writing of additional software and plugins for the software.

The next stage of development was writing additional software in Python for collecting and processing tracking data

from cameras on the site.

As a result, we managed to split the entire tracking date from 7 cameras from the set and use this data

to render the correct sequences for each camera in the Unreal Engine.

For perfect compositing we collected tracking dates from all the cameras on set (7 cameras), and developed special software to work with big data and tested our sequencing in real conditions.
For each location we had only 1.5 months to work out the art and create a sequence for 200 minutes of recording, which required non-standard solutions.
  • 1
    The final videos of the third season based on the approved installation with the use of VFX effects and final color correction.
  • 2
    Effective merging of sequences from UE and video into a single product within minimal time which allowed us to allocate more resources for the quality of work over locations themselves.
  • 3
    Separate software for EDL files that allows you to synchronize the tracking date from different sources.
Our core team
We produce environment that you want to be in.
  • Artem Kupriianenko
  • Juliya Seliverstova
  • Andrei Yermakov
    Creative director
  • Veronika Volovik
    Project Manager
  • Slava Plis
    Art Director
  • Eugene Mironenko
    3d artist
  • Eugene Chernopyskyi
    3d artist
  • Dima Kisliy
    Project Manager


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