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designing worlds
game character design plays an important role in any game. The precise choice of colors, layouts, and textures helps create the right image of the character and shows its emotions and mood in the game.
Cyborg evolution
As posthumanism and the dream of augmentation edges closer to reality, artists and game-makers alike are exploring the possibilities of human/technology interfaces. How much of a person can you replace with circuitry and ceramic plating before their humanity is lost forever?
Man or machine
Taking the concept of mechanisation even further, we explore an even more extreme transition of flesh to metal. Here, nearly every shred of biology has given way to the clean lines and sharp angles of a new form - what remains of the soul which once dwelled within?
King xerxes
Xerxes is the terror of nations. Ruler of the Achaemenid empire, whose name itself means "warrior,” his life consisted of military campaigns, with each victory proudly displayed on his body through new modifications.
Our artists' interpretation of the ancient Japanese myth of the yōkai. Yōkai range from malevolent and mischievous entities believed to cause misfortune and harm to more benevolent beings who bestow gifts and blessings on those they encounter.
Precise imperfections
Have we mentioned our attention to detail? Not only should characters look stunning, their appearance should tell a story about who they are and where they’ve come from. Here, our artist has used techniques of armor sculpting and frayed fabric to give an impression of age and hard-won experience.
Beyond Human
Omega Red came back upgraded! Scarred and bloodless, with a piercing stare which will cow the bravest of foes, this grim warrior stalks his prey with patience and persistence. None escape the scythe.
Imagine a world where robots have been endowed with intelligence, where people are no longer the superior species. One last hope remains: a robot created to defend humanity against its own kind.
Red scorpion
When science wanted to create an invincible fighter, it turned to nature for inspiration. Endowing him with the ice-cool agility and speed of the most dangerous animals, they created the Red Scorpion. But somewhere their calculations went awry, and now they’ve lost control..
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