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designing worlds
Our experienced team of specialist artists is waiting to design the beautiful, coherent environments which will bring your game worlds to life. We work with the latest 2D/3D techniques and tools to create environments that will evoke immersive atmospheres and believable worlds, keeping your players engaged and entranced.

Tools used in this section: ZBrush, Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender, Rizom UV, Unreal Engine, Unity, Gaea, World Machine, World Creator, SpeedTree, Houdini.
Fantasy Worlds
Our team can craft convincing, consistent fantasy worlds with strong thematic threads running through its architecture, flora, fauna, and artifacts: worlds which will carry your players away.

These images may look familiar to you – we wanted to demonstrate that we can produce work in any style you like, but we’re also ready to develop something completely new for you, just let us know your preference!
Project 3D artist: Julia Something
Burning battlefield
Tracer fire stitches through the gloom, eclipsed briefly by the fiery bloom of a thumping shell which rewrites the chaotic topography of the battlefield. Distorted shadows loom illuminates the clumsy shapes of tanks crawling over the wreckage of the fortifications they have just destroyed.

We can bring this stark beauty to life, whether you work with licensed military equipment or the fruits of your own imagination.
The Road to the Horizon
Your road can run through mighty forests, open plains, or narrow and winding canyons - we can build a road anywhere. Of course, we’re not limited to the confines of earth, contemporary vehicles or the laws of gravity. Let your imagination run wild in a world where there are no rules, and see what we can create for you.
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom
We don’t just work from our imaginations - our artists can also bring places to life from detailed descriptions, even places which might already exist in the minds of millions of readers. This environment is one of contradictions. The grandeur of the gothic architecture in this sample runs up against the prosaic nature of the room’s use: a cathedral of ablutions. Crafted stone abuts simple woodwork, smooth tiles run against rough iron piping, dark corners are shaved by darting sunlight. Just a small sample of the effects and techniques we can bring to play.
The storm is coming
By contrasting the deep shadows and soft edges of clouds and fog with the geometry of buildings and electric light, we create a tension between the city and nature, highlighting the fragility of human achievement in the face of the inexorable forces of nature. The scale and scope are played out in such a way that the view focuses on the details of the townspeople in the foreground and emphasizes the immensity of the bridge and the buildings looming behind them.
Life after people
Abandoned cities are a delight for artists and players alike, with the interplay between grey concrete and fresh foliage creating striking contrast and subverting expectations at every turn. Here we can create new worlds out of old, taking things we see every day and dressing them in living cloth to transform them into landscapes at once beautiful and hostile.
Night call
A thriving metropolis is one of the richest canvases you could hope for in storytelling. To have this many people in one place, with so many chances to flourish or fail, focuses the best and worst of our instincts. Our renditions of cities can be Utopian, with spires of gleaming glass housing hives of innovation, or they can scrape low into the gutters, the foul and fetid depths of desperation and desire. The best stories usually need a little of each.
Small town strangeness
Many of the most effective works of weird fiction shatter the mundanity of particularly ‘normal’ places with especially weird events. Small town comforts shattered by a rift in the very walls of the universe, the colourful classrooms of high schools made other-worldly by the strobe of the lights of emergency vehicles, familiar shops and restaurants laid waste by gigantic alien machines. These subtle shifts fill us with uncertainty tinged with fear. Normality has been suspended and suddenly - anything is possible.
The dark and pathless forest
Forests are rich in lore and legend - ever since humanity’s ancestors climbed down from the trees, these dark and ancient places have held us in awe. They can be home to vicious predators, elusive elves and spirits, or malevolent bandits looking for an easy kill. Whatever they are home to, forests are imposing and varied places - whether you want soaring trees and leafy, sunlight glades, or shadowy dells and the cobwebbed burrows of skittering horrors, we can craft you something unique.
Red Dawn
Alien worlds give us complete freedom to explore where the edges of our imaginations really are, but the constraints of those planets we know a little about are somehow even more interesting. Mars may be humanity’s next frontier, but artists have been exploring there for decades. Let us show you what we’ve seen.
Travel to the center of the earth
The world beneath our feet is as alien as that beyond the atmosphere. Dank caves studded with ancient stalactites where unseen rivers flow, or vast subterranean canyons lit by the glow of shimmering magma, perhaps rough tunnels which give way to edges too regular to be natural - pitted by the marks of tools not wielded by human hands... Journey with us to the centre of the Earth.
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