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designing worlds
beginners think that there is only one requirement to textures - realism. Professionals know that this is not enough, and the textures should be part of an organic environment that doesn’t distract players. This is where we keep our focus.
Director of the school of wizardry
The lady of the dark arts, her look chilling the soul. You need to be careful to not be caught by her.
American soldier
She is strong and ruthless, ready to exact revenge.
A cute japanese student who fights evil at night. The perfect visualization adapted for a mobile device.
Luo tribe princess
A young luo princess is about to become the leader of her tribe.
From the large screen to the mobile screen. The hero of dc comics, the lord of the ocean... aquaman.
White dragon
Lots of mobile games use dragons in their gameplay. This one could be the main dragon or a boss.
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