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designing worlds
our specialists are able to design environments to construct coherent game worlds. our artists incorporate the latest 2d/3d trends and tools to create a background that will set the right mood in the game and keep players interested for a long time
how it works
we create scenes in which a character manifests himself. they serve as part of history and convey the idea of the authors in greater depth. hence, we carefully consider the atmosphere and realism of each part of the scene.
1. block-out
creation of a basic concept and a draft model (low or mid poly model)
2. highpoly
after approval, we detail the model, make a sculpturing. as a result we get a high-poly model.
3. retopology
model optimization: manufacturing of a low-poly model that repeats the basic forms of a high-poly model.
4. baking
baking of maps (normal, ao, curvature etc.), i.e. baking of details of a high-poly model on a low polygonal model by means of texture maps.
5. texturing
giving the model color, material properties, aging elements, not perfect, etc.
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