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the devil is in the details
We develop detailed 3D assets and props for games, offering the most efficient solutions based on your exact technical requirements, timeframe and budget. We are meticulous about every element, ensuring that each item is a believable part of your world.
A Forester’s Hut
Realism is just one of our many skills - we can also create stylized models like this woodsman’s hut in the forested wilderness.
Old Camera Prototype
A well-used object shows signs of age and love. For every spot of rust, there’s a well polished highlight, for every scratch a story.
Old gas station
An abandoned fuel pump can be many things: a reminder of past glories, a warning about hubris, or just a handily explosive piece of cover. Whatever the purpose, we’ll build you something which feels right.
Hunter's bag
Choosing the materials and textures for an item decides the story you’re telling about its past. This hunter’s bag, with its bear claw and buffalo horn, shows that you’re dealing with a practical hunter, but one who isn’t above a bit of showmanship, either.
The Horde Props
Sometimes players need to know exactly who they’re dealing with, meaning you need easily identifiable artefacts, architecture and items. Our ability to create strong visual styles will give you the opportunity to create a world with clear cultural definition.
The stylizing of each object brings a special atmosphere to the game. We will fully immerse you in the wild west.
Dried corn
Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. Sometimes it’s in the little things, like these dried corn cobs - we want to show the infinite variations in every commonplace object, not just cookie-cutter library props.
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